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One of the biggest contributing factors to premature wrinkles is exposure to cigarette smoke. Many people realize the toll that this dangerous habit takes on the inside of the body but not many realize the harm it also does to the outside.
It is quite common for lifelong smokers to develop ‘smoker's face', which is a combination of upper lip wrinkles, eye wrinkles and a greyish complexion.
Visible Reminders of a Bad Habit
Luckily, with the wide spread launch of numerous anti-smoking media campaigns more and more people are developing an awareness about the ravaging effects of this terrible habit and the damage it does to both the inside and the outside of the body.
For those resilient individuals that have worked so hard to stop smoking it can be incredibly disheartening to see the visible reminders of a bad habit. For many smokers the visible reminders are especially manifested as wrinkles around the mouth and if left untreated will only deepen and develop over time.
Reward Hard Work with a Treatment That Delivers Results
Many ex-smokers choose to reward their accomplishment with different methods to try to reverse the telltale puckering around the lips, but it is incredibly difficult to choose a product that can deliver results especially in a sensitive area like around the mouth. Often using wrinkle creams and serums in this area can lead to acne and blackheads.
Treatments that have been shown to be particularly effective in preventing and reducing the appearance of the wrinkles commonly associated with smoking are ones that incorporate radio frequency technology. Not long ago luxury spas and select cosmetic clinics were the only places to offer these types of treatments. Radio frequency in these settings is expensive and requires a trained professional to administer each session. However, because of the improvements reported even after just one treatment, the cost and inconvenience has been endured.
Recently, in-home cosmetic appliances and devices have become available that utilize the same type of radio frequency technology at a fraction of the cost of one clinically dispensed treatment.
These devices are becoming quite popular among both non-smokers and ex-smokers alike because of several reasons. Aside from being cost effective, they also offer the convenience and privacy of being able to have a radio frequency treatment on demand.
Erasing Wrinkles Associated With Smoking
In-home radio frequency treatments incorporate thermal energy, oxygenation and massaging stimulation to address most areas on the face and even the body where aging and premature aging has become a concern. The oxygenation that is delivered during the thermal massaging effects is also an may be an excellent way to avoid the annoying blackheads that can develop when using other types of wrinkle treatments like creams and lotions.
Because the mouth is such a prominent area on the face, it can suggest a great deal about a person from its appearance alone. Visible signs of aging, especially wrinkles associated with people that smoke can cause anyone to feel self-conscious about their looks. This is because these wrinkles can cause the rest of the face to appear prematurely aged. Don't just erase wrinkles with a personal radio frequency device; erase the past!
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